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Precision and comfort: we were looking to build skis that could reconcile these two qualifiers.

The performance skis available today are mostly skis that require an active presence of the skier to control the return of energy.

Solid wood with ash core and linen braid as a starting point as well as four years of testing and development, returns to the workshop, sharing with demanding skiers, listening have allowed us to lead to this incredible paradox: with disabled skis it is possible to boost energy to bite the snow and which gradually return the accumulated power. The edges are made of high quality steel and provide reassuring support on hard snow or during short presses.

You have to try them to believe it!



At the heart of craftsmanship

Wood selection

Our skis are unique pieces of French manufacture. They are made of an ash core carefully selected from quality plots from the Jura Massif, as well as veneers that we cut in our workshop. The woods used for our veneers come from Isère (for walnut), the Tarentaise Valley (for larch and spruce). But, if in your garden you have a fallen tree and its essence is compatible with the manufacture of our skis, we can use it to create your own skis!

Our commitments


We make our skis entirely. Throughout the various manufacturing processes combining traditional and modern know-how, we are committed to always respecting our eco-responsible ethics. We minimize the use of synthetic materials and minimize waste, or recycle it. We do not cut down trees specifically for our production: we use cut logs during forest management work, or at the end of their life when they are no longer productive. We are very proud of this approach and we have the will to manufacture a “living” ski made to last!

Performance and comfort


We like to make the grain of wood speak, with its knots and small flaws, to keep it looking natural. European flax fiber and carbon complete the ski to obtain a perfect hold coupled with great precision. A 3⁄4 natural polymer, imitation cow horn, finishes the heel of the ski and constitutes our signature. The ski is coated with a vegetable oil-based treatment to leave it as natural as possible and to protect it effectively. The result ? A balanced structure that provides incomparable sensations!


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Unique skis : Our logo is engraved with a laser. If you wish, we give you the possibility to personalize your pair of skis, by engraving your name, your motto, your logo, or even a small drawing …

We listen to your desires to make unique skis that look like you!


Who are we ?


The AT-Skis adventure is above all a story of passions, which begins with that of wood. Arnaud, a cabinetmaker for 30 years, trained at the prestigious Saint-Luc school in Tournai, Belgium, first worked in Paris and then in Rolle, Switzerland in workshops for the restoration of inlaid veneered furniture from the 18th century. Then comes skiing, a family discovery that becomes much more than a hobby over the years and through encounters. It was in 2016 that the AT-SKIS adventure began: the manufacture of wooden skis. A professional turn all in all obvious.

It is also a story of family and friends, all behind Arnaud to support him in communication and make his skis known, but also and above all to test his models in the field during their manufacture. These are qualified instructors, seasoned enthusiasts, novice skiers, hikers, competitors and all mountain lovers who have each made their contribution to the building, allowing Arnaud to adjust his prototypes, detail after detail, in depending on the feedback he has always been very attentive to. We all therefore have a very special bond with these skis, which amaze us every time we put them on with the incredible sensations they provide.



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